10 Herbs That Heal

/r/skeptic would want this They did. Since curry powder is a highly adjustable combination of natural herbs and spices, it is a bit presumptuous to say "curry powder" has any effect that is medicinal. ...

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  • /r/skeptic would love this
  • They did.
  • Since curry powder is a highly variable mixture of herbs and spices, it's a bit presumptuous to say "curry powder" has any medicinal effect. There are literally hundreds of so-called curry powders. Which ingredient, exactly, is the active one? Rather makes the entire list suspect, doesn't it? A skeptic from way back, I'd like to know the sources for these claims.
  • Yeah.. it should've said Turmeric... what kind of retard made this?
  • Yeah, I don't think anyone uses them in high enough doses to have medicinal effects.
  • Cilantro and parsley are big part of the Hungarian cuisine. I eat them minimum once a week, but I didn't noticed any affect.
  • They forgot cannabis.
  • Can anyone confirm the cilantro thing?
  • I can confirm that cilantro will make a good part of the population vomit. In case you don't have ipecac.
  • Anything at any Time? Try Marijuana
  • I thought only Green Herbs healed? I must be losing my marbles, Chris.
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