21 day Dry Aged Ribeye

It is simply a preference that is personal. I like it between 21 and 28. It was amazing. Did you age that is dry at house? That which was your technique? This is the way it is done by me. I'm among the inventors. ...

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  • It's just a personal preference. I like it between 21 and 28. It was amazing.
  • Did you dry age it at home? What was your method?
  • This is how I do it. I am one of the inventors. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1890209291/the-steakager-dry-age-steaks-right-in-your-fridge
  • This is freaking awesome. Do you still estimate delivery in December 2015? Have you checked out the carson rodizio? They just finished a kickstarter campaign as well. Another great steak / cooking product https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shakenblakecarson/the-carson-rodizio-kit
  • I saw their project. I need one bad. Yes we are on track for December, in time for Xmas.
  • How do you dry it? Just leave it out? Doesnt it get moldy and go bad?
  • No we created a special box that controls the environment, using blower fans, a uvc light, Himalayan salt, and an active carbon filter.
  • How soft was the exterior?
  • Probably not soft at all, since drying the meat hardens the exterior.
  • that outside looks very soft, and I've seen a video on their facebook it as soft, the outside shouldn't be soft after 21 days. I'm asking OP, not you. not to sound like an asshole. The outside has a crap load of bad bacteria as it is rotted and it's really odd op didn't trim before cutting a steak.
  • Soft fat doesn't crack.
  • Save your breath macbook dude is the most evangelical douche on the sub. And thats saying something for r/steak
  • yes, yes it does. when you age the fat turns to a butter like play dough consistency. That crack could be like 2 weeks old. You could press your thumb through OPs primal past the "shell".
  • Perfectly hard pellicle.
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