<Sound of arteries clogging>

We see at least 6 servings of veggies here. Health meals. [INFARCTION INTENSIFIES] this is certainly from Phat Philly in San Francisco. I ought ton't have eaten the thing that is whole but We could not ...

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  • I see at least 6 servings of veggies there. Health food.
  • This is from Phat Philly in San Francisco. I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing, but I couldn't not . For the record, I'm a Pat's man when we're talking about actual Philly.
  • You need to revisit the city of brotherly love then. Pat's is nothing but a tourist trap.
  • Agreed, there are much better places. I enjoy Tony Lukes, but I guess that could be considered a tourist place as well.
  • I think the sound you are imagining goes something like this..."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".
  • its not dipped, that would be better.
  • Italian beef sandwiches come in three ways in Chicago. Dry: Meat on bread Wet: Meat on bread with a spoonful of the liquid the meat is cooked in on top. Dipped: Meat on bread, then the whole sandwich is submerged into the liquid the meat is cooked in. I get mine with mozzarella then dipped
  • This isn't something they have in Florida. Time to burn the state to the ground.
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