Best All you can eat sushi in Toronto

Do the quality is meant by you of the sushi is bad? OP's pic shows sashimi too. It's hard to disguise quality that is low stale seafood whenever you have actually it without rice. Would not it be too apparent? This pic ...

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  • Do you mean the quality of the sushi is bad? OP's pic shows sashimi too. It's hard to disguise low quality or stale fish when you have it without rice. Wouldn't it be too obvious?
  • This pic isn't actually something they ordered, it's from their menu, but on that note their sashimi is not horrible, such a low level fish quality would have the place closed down quickly in canada. Their sashimi is 5-6/10 compared to all you can eat that is within 20-30 min driving distance and same price or less! Second note, all their sushi, it's either they are being very thrifty or they have a completely inexperienced person working there...their sushi is completely unbalanced, for example a sushi piece with a huge amount of rice and then a very thin sliver of fish that makes you feel like you're eating just rice. I have never hated sushi before...and my gf and I would laugh that we hated "I love Sushi"
  • This unbalanced issue was in every damn thing we tried, I don't know why, there's something up with that place. I wonder if it's a front sometimes, how does it stay open hahaha
  • Interesting. Thanks.
  • All these pictures I took were ordered from the AYCE dinner menu. They are always busy during the dinner rush. A lot of people who don't live in the area, don't know about this place. Its a hidden gem. I've been to all the top rated AYCE restaurants in Toronto and this one is my favorite. They have a great variety of sushi and kitchen items. And the staff is very friendly and polite
  • I Love Sushi @ 4944 Dundas St. W, Etobicoke, ON. I started eating sushi 10 years ago I've been all over the place. And this is my favorite
  • Awesome! Thanks, I'n gunna have to hit this place up.
  • Wow, an AYCE place that offers sashimi? Astonishing! How do they stay in business?
  • I was thinking the exact same thing..
  • Most AYCE places that offer sashimi around here only offer it on their dinner menus, so you're paying the extra dinner price for it.
  • Weekday dinner is 23.99, weekend dinner is 24.99. Their menu is huge they have over 200 items. For all you can eat sushi I would give it a 5/5
  • wow, nice selection. i have a $20+tax&tip deal near me in queens ny/usa, but it's far more rice'y.
  • Can i get a name or address of this place?
  • it's a good place to stuff yourself near malls and costco it's a new high ceiling place, so they may run specials to keep it busy, since it's not near a lot of foot traffic. their AYCE is at all hours, a waiter brings the food, it's not a buffet where you load up your own plate. if you like to load up your own plate, then go to manhattan; this is my favorite AYCE during weekdays under $20 as it includes soup, fruit, sushi, asian cooked, desserts. it's like a 5-star cruise ship buffet - something for everyone. this huge place is full of teachers all summer long, and probably the best place to go for a 2 hour lunch break. food turnover is really fast, so don't load up right away revisit the buffet 2-3 times.
  • Certainly looks good to the eye... Where is this from?
  • The smell when I walk into a place... that is the key. If it smells rank & overly fishy then I'm out.
  • Where and how much? How would you rate it?
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