Birthday steaks!

Thanks sir that is good amazing!!! I see numerous threads on here with images of steak cut up similar to this. Doesn't this make it lose much from it's juiciness? Appears like it would dry ...

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  • Thanks good sir
  • Looks amazing!!!
  • I see many threads on here with pictures of steak cut up like this. Doesn't this cause it to lose much of it's juiciness? Seems like it would dry out if you cut it all up before eating it.
  • It would definitely dry out if left out for a while. I cut it right before the feeding frenzy and watch the madness. Haha.
  • What did you season with?
  • Kept it basic. Kosher coarse salt, fresh ground pepper and rubbed fresh garlic, thyme, and rosemary during cooking then finished with butter.
  • I usually only do it to serve to multiple people if there aren't enough for one each or if there's other meat to serve too. As long as its rested it should retain the juices.
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