Cedar Plank Roasted Tofu at Seasons 52 [Houston, TX]

Damn, im maybe not vegan, but this look that is dish good ! That restaurant really skimps in the vegan choices. I have never thought that. We've constantly left complete and everything I have ever had ...

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  • Damn, im not vegan, but this dish look REALLY good !
  • That restaurant really skimps on the vegan options.
  • I've never thought that. I've always left full and everything I've ever had was amazing. Not to mention all the vegan options that are available.
  • Yeah but every single item other than tofu has to be modified just to be vegan, that's the crap I hate dealing with. You have to be real precise about how you tell the server everything or they will fack up and give you the wrong thing.
  • That's any restaurant. At least Seasons 52 has a vegan menu which very plainly instructs how to request it be made vegan.
  • Good point. I guess i'm spoiled with asian restaurant's having a full page of vegan entrees without modification, or all veg restaurants being amazinng. Haha you're right. I just never liked tofu enough to eat it alone.
  • I usually wouldn't either, but this one had a really good flavor - I think it was dredged in a blend of mustard/turmeric. It's hard to be spoiled in Houston, TX, btw. Consider yourself lucky.
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