College struggle

well... imagine if he only had 1 topping. He does... Cheese counts as a topping what type of shitty pizza world do you reside in where cheese is just a topping, without any ...

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  • well... imagine if he only had 1 topping.
  • He does...
  • Cheese counts as a topping
  • what kind of shitty pizza world do you live in where cheese is merely a topping, with no cheese, there is no pizza.
  • Cheese is a topping, Jerry!
  • Tell that to the toppings list
  • You've never served vegan pizza at a crappy restaurant, I see.
  • Preach the good word, pizza brother. Cheese ? topping.
  • What, and sauce is too?
  • no
  • Cheese is not a topping. I dated a vegetarian for several years who loved cheese pizza and even she agreed. A cheese pizza is just a pizza sans toppings.
  • Right? All that yummy, wasted. Op should steal a can of Pillsbury pizza dough.
  • I think buying a dough ball from the grocer and dividing it would would actually be cheaper than this. Unless you made a ramen-crust out of love for the game as opposed to necessity. In that case, play on playa.
  • Making your own pizza dough will definitely be cheaper and more filling. Ever since I learned, I've been making them on a weekly basis. 25lb bag of flour costs like $6 bucks at Costco, yeast = $5, and salt is also a couple of bucks. 25lb bag easily yields 80 - 100 individual sized pizzas... depending on the size you want it. Best part is, you can make them and bulk and freeze the extras for next time. They freeze well and unlike meat, there aren't any cells that rupture when ice crystals form. I always thought making dough was hard to do but it's dead simple. Most of the time involved in making it is to let it sit on the counter or fridge for the dough to rise. EDIT: words
  • Recipe or technique to make these individual pizza doughs? This will save my uss on nights when I have to make myself dinner
  • There are tons of different dough types to choose from. Here are some simple ones: if you have a specific dough you like... there are more here (although some require more ingredients/get more complicated
  • Pizza dough is always best when mixed and refrigerated 24-48 hrs prior to baking.
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