Copycat Buffalo Wild Wings

Make your wings. Allow them to take a seat on the counter and obtain cool. Then consume them 20 moments from then on. Be certain to accomplish it without ever having a refill of water or a beer that is second. Without ...

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  • Make your wings. Let them sit on the counter and get cold. Then eat them 20 minutes after that.
  • Also be sure to do it without ever having a refill of water or a second beer.
  • Without ever? What are you talking about? You offer them a refill when you bring them the check.
  • good point, just take it to go. in the meantime I'll just drink my own sweat from these hot as hell wings.
  • I still think it is hilarious that all Buffalo Wild Wings are known for their horrible service. Is it in their manual or something?
  • It's really baffling. They basically just serve two things: wings and beer. It seems so simple, yet they have made an art of complicating it.
  • I've actually only had maybe 2 shitty servers in my 5 years of going to the one in my town. They're very prompt, and you don't normally have to wait for a refill. Most of the time if my beer got to about half, they'd ask if I'd like another one soon, and the wings are usually, read usually hot out of the fryer.
  • The one and only time I've been to a BWW, I walk in sit down with a group, the server asked what I want. I say "I would like some buffalo wings" She says "what kind of sauce" I say "buffalo" she says "yes, but what kind" "Give me chicken wings with buffalo sauce on it. " "What kind? " "There's only one kind of buffalo sauce, And a beer please. " She knew exactly what I meant I could see she's had this argument before. I facking hate that place.
  • Eh, if you ordered that in Buffalo, they would have asked the same thing...after looking at you smugly knowing you're a tourist. But they just mean the intensity (Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicidal).
  • /r/spicy would probably have a field day at the concept of suicidal Buffalo sauce. 's almost an oxymoron, innit? Also, I think the funniest smug "you must not be from around here" look one can get in Buffalo has to be directed at the people who ask for ranch with their wings. I think that's one of the few things I've ever heard a restaurant flat out say no to.
  • You're a dick.
  • Am not
  • Seriously. I've been to locations on both coasts and the South, and it's always 45 minutes minimum for just wings. Only decent service I got was once in a BWW in a mall - so, not a true BWW.
  • Wow. It's that simple? Why didn't I think of that? Now I can get the full experience! Man, I love this sub!
  • as someone else said, don't forget to never refill your drink.
  • Well you can go out and buy an $8 beer, but unfortunately it will be better than anything you can get there.
  • Directions unclear; bought a $3 beer and burned $5.
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