Double double animal style [OC][960x636]

As a devoted burger lover (read :I love that is facking), you're perhaps not really missing out they way it's made out. In-n-out is PHENOMENAL for fast food. You would be difficult pressed to get a much better burger and fries for ...

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  • As an avid burger lover (read :I facking love burgers), you're not missing out they way it's made out. In-n-out is PHENOMENAL for fast food. You'd be hard pressed to find a better burger and fries for 6-8 bucks going through a drive through. With that said, they're no where near the best burger I've ever had. There are a metric uss ton of sit down diners and burger joints that make a better burger, but aren't nearly as fast or cheap as in-n-out. Are they better than 5 guys in many people's opinions? Yes. Is it the end all be all burger. Absolutely not. Sauce: Californian my whole life, never living more than 10 minutes from an in-n-out.
  • I'm a burger fanatic. It's more about wanting to at least try it. I've already decided the next time I'm in Vegas, which hopefully should be soon, I'm going.
  • A regular cheese burger is only like $3.95 though (amazing price for the quality and drive thru aspect). However, I live in a small town that was about 20 minutes to the closest In N Out, forever . Then our town got one, it lost all it's novelty...and I hardly ever eat there anymore. So I can totally confer with you that it's not the greatest I think that people who eat it as a special treat on road trips tend to taut it much more than those who live within ten minutes of them.
  • Thank god, for someone else saying this! I could not agree more. I moved to CA and lived there for 6 years, I NEVER understood the whole hype surrounding In-N-Out. Is it great FAST FOOD? Sure. Is it the best burger? Not even close. You can do better at home, at another restaurant, really anywhere else but a $5 fast food chain. If you don't like onions, don't bother going there. In fact, don't even go WITH someone going to In-N-Out. Really, actually if you hate the taste and smell of onions, don't even get out of your car within a quarter mile of In-N-Out. Cos it's like the White Castle of the West Coast. Onion stench everywhere.
  • Get them with grilled onions, it's better than animal style imo.
  • Onions are onions. Its allllll gross, to me. The downvotes, I assume are by onion fans. This is what sets In-N-Out apart from everything else. The prevailing stench of onions and their fans assumptions that "just smother it with more cheese and onions" makes everything better. Sorry for not fitting into your mold ;P
  • Come on people, don't downvote this guy for having a different opinion than you.
  • Agreed. sincercely, an envious Belgian.
  • I also concur. An envious East Coaster.
  • Knock it off! - a hungry midwesterner
  • Shame on you for betraying Steak 'n Shake
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