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Unfortunately not, i am pretty certain the tofu that is scrambled just tofu (water squeezed out and then crumbled), curry powder, grated carrot, onion and a little of parsley though. I do not understand what the herbs were, ...

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  • Sadly not, I'm pretty sure that the scrambled tofu is just tofu (water squeezed out and then crumbled), curry powder, grated carrot, onion and a bit of parsley though. I don't know what the herbs were, but I use a bit of basil when I make it for a little warm sweetness and a clash with tradition. But I didn't make that one.
  • So there's this Indian salt called kala namak. It's got sulfur in it. When you cook tofu with that salt and add some turmeric for coloring they look taste and smell just like eggs. We made egg salad with it and brought it to a picnic and no one knew it wasn't egg.
  • Veganaise too? Any personal comparisons of vegan mayo brands that you think are best for sammiches or "egg" salad?
  • Hampton Creek Just Mayo is in my opinion the best tasting vegan mayo. To give you an idea of how good it tastes, Helmmans is trying to sue them for "tricking" people into buying "fake" mayo. Plus you can buy it in large jars at Costco and Target.
  • Hah! That's awesome
  • Sounds quite traditional and good. Any idea what kind of beans you have there?
  • What are those hash browns and sausages made up of ?
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