Happy with my first attempt at a meatball sub

Struck it underneath the broiler genuine quick time that is next caramelize that cheese. Looks like a pretty damn good attempt that is first! For the effort that is second should recommend MOAR CHEESE. "we're ...

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  • Hit it under the broiler real quick next time to caramelize that cheese.
  • Looks like a pretty damn good first attempt! For your second effort should I suggest MOAR CHEESE.
  • "we're gonna need a bigger [bread] boat"
  • looks great all i could suggest : slice the bread on the side, not the top and use a bigger type of bread, you'll want it to be able to cover the entire meatball's diameter, that way you've got more than enough room for sauce and cheese without spillage
  • Veal, pork, and beef?
  • 50/50 beef and pork.
  • Delicious OP
  • What's a good recipe for meatballs?
  • The one I use is really simple. 50/50 minced pork and beef, finely cut parsley, pepper, garlic salt, and some dried basil. Then I add 1 egg white, some breadcrumbs, mix it all together, shape the meatballs, and leave in the fridge overnight to firm up and (bind?) together.
  • On the pork and beef, what fat content? Lean? Extra lean? Medium?
  • got to agree with all the other comments, appears to be a successful first try, but using a bigger roll next time would allow for more saucey, cheesey goodness. Not sure how much the side cut along the bun would help since I don't know if you're a handheld fan or if you're down to go crazy with sauce and tackle it with a knife and fork.. but whatever works.. experimenting is fun when the these are part of your learning curve!
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