Homemade Meatball sandwich with mozzarella

That could've been soooo far better if the ragu and mozz stayed on the sandwich. Have you ever tried to cut a meatball sandwich in half? Clearly I put sauce and cheese that dropped out back on ...

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  • That would've been soooo much better if the mozz and ragu stayed on the sandwich.
  • Have you ever tried to cut a meatball sandwich in half? Clearly I put cheese and sauce that fell out back on the sandwich.
  • Ypour bread probably was too crusty. Don't cut it with the open side of the bread facing the side. place it on the board so the open side is facing up. That way, if anything gets squeezed while being cut it just goes up and down again. But don't squeeze your sandwich while cutting it. Just lightly support it. And use a serrated knife with a quick sawing motion. Carving knife will work good.
  • Why is everyone freaking out about the bread? The sandwich was god damn perfect.
  • The meatballs/sauce/cheese look great but it is not a perfect sandwich. Sean_incali is right, the bread does seem to be too firm/dense for the sandwich. Your toppings shouldn't spill everywhere when you cut it and squeeze it down to eat it. Look at the amount of meat in the right side of the sandwich. While this bread would be great for a hoagie, I don't think it is soft enough for a meatball sandwich. No need to get defensive, just use the advice to perfect it next time.
  • facking casuals are all up ins
  • Ya meatballs made by me and my hands. You don't just take a tube of meat and roll them in a ball.
  • You're a touchy one.
  • http://i.imgur.com/z4uTIPQ.jpg Not frozen
  • Recipe please?
  • damn that looks good. The messiness adds to the experience. Where, an hour later, someone points out a now dried drop of marinara just below your wrist and you just smile, let out a small, quiet burp.
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