Hot Cocoa Cookies [650x474]

That's a money shot that is messy. Better get a towel. It's not often that a picture actually makes my mouth water. I'm 80% sure that is the picture that is same just cropped. The same ...

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  • That's a messy money shot. Better get a towel.
  • It's not often that a picture actually makes my mouth water.
  • I'm 80% sure that is the same picture, just cropped.
  • The same cookie, but from a different angle.
  • You can tell its not, because of the two stringy bits in the back, in the second photo, they are much easier to see one below the other, here they are very close and level.
  • Ok guys I actually baked these and they were facking delicious.
  • Do you have any action shots of you ripping them in half?
  • Alright I made these and they turned out really thin and overly chewy and the stuck to the baking sheet really bad. But, I used milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet, because that's all I had lying around. Could that be why?
  • If you followed every other step carefully, then this is the only reason I see your cookies turned out not-so-well. The only thing I know with baking is that usually, every small step is very important and missing something could ruin the entire product. However I'm still a clueless 16 years old that doesn't know hsit about cooking and baking so that could be something else just as well.
  • same... I know that if I ate more than one or two my stommach would probably get upset, but I just want to eat a bunch
  • I don't like chocolate and I would eat this... just in case I might start liking chocolate again.
  • BRUH
  • EHRRR That looks delicious.
  • This definitely needs a NSFW tag. God damn, I was not prepared for this.
  • Hhhnnnnnnnghhhh.
  • These look really indulgent, but I saved the recipe to try on a special occasion when people are around to share. Definitely worth trying once. 🙂
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