I love Wegmans

Whenever the sushi cook is there they can be asked by you to make it fresh for you. Source: worked at Wegmans. Sushi chef always made me sushi that is freshand got to understand my preferences making it to my taste!) ...

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  • Whenever the sushi chef is there you can ask them to make it fresh for you. Source: worked at Wegmans. Sushi chef always made me fresh sushi (and got to know my tastes and made it to my liking!)
  • This
  • Quality of the preparation, or quality of the ingredients?
  • The fish at wegmans is good in my experience but the build quality is pretty poor, the rolls tend to fall apart on me. Still a solid dinner though!
  • weggies' rice is usually subpar. it might seem minor but good rice is crucial to good sushi imo.
  • Agree with this so hard.
  • Both
  • One of the worst things about moving from NY to Los Angeles was giving up Wegmans.
  • Yeah but the sheer variety here.
  • Oh yeah I know, LA has some of the best sushi in the world. But Wegmans - they may not win at sushi but they facking win at everything else in life.
  • Yes, yes we do. Source: I'm a chef for wegmans.
  • Meh. Anything you can get at Wegman's can be bought at a restaurant or from a food truck
  • NY is a state, LA is a city wegman's covers northwest NY state where everyone drives and there are very few authentic sushi bars. compared to NYC (we have a sushi bar on every block) wegmans is a sushi parody.
  • whole foods sushi brah. why downvote me peasants?
  • Overly expensive for what you get from what I've found.
  • Based on the prices in this photo, it's only $1-2 more and they don't pump out hundreds of boxes at a time so the quality/freshness is better.
  • Wegmans is life
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