Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

came here to express this, cool pic though we knew this entering the portrait. None associated with pieces him make in the documentary were ones I could use for my concept that I saw. We utilized a generic ...

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  • came here to say this, cool pic though
  • I knew this going into the portrait. None of the pieces that I saw him make in the documentary were ones I could use for my concept. I used a generic sushi roll as a visual, so it would read as sushi and not a specific item on his menu.
  • from http://richiepope.com/
  • oh this is pretty freakin cool. gonna make it the sidebar image at some point.
  • If your doing a viewing with your friends don't put them through what you and probably every other person did the first time they watched Jiro. Buy a platter of sushi for sharing during the film. Even though it will never compare to his it will curb your intense craving for sushi while watching.
  • Hey there! I'm the original artist of this and my friend told me it was shown around here. Thanks for all the comments and whatnot! You can find more of my work at richiepope.tumblr.com
  • Hah! That is such a wonderful caricature.
  • Loved this documentary so much I started making my friends watch it
  • I would kill to try some sushi Jiro made... And I have.
  • when /r/sushi and /r/heavymind collide..
  • still looking for a link of a version with subtitles. Can anybody help?
  • Got this link off of Primewire. I can confirm it is safe, I just finished watching it. Truly amazing.
  • No Netflix?
  • Not everybody comes from the US 😉 We dont have Netflix in germany
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