Layered cookie cake [600x800]

You are a person that is good. I second that. I believe I can guess the recipe through the image though Well, I becamen't certain what type of frosting. Cream cheese, needless to say. What ...

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  • You are a good person.
  • I second that.
  • I think I can guess the recipe from the picture though
  • Well, I wasn't sure what kind of frosting. Cream cheese, of course. What else?
  • Thank you for this
  • Thank you!
  • Someone give this man gold. I would do it but I spent all my money buying ingredients to make this
  • It's that just regular icing between each cookie?
  • I have actually made this recipe...and it is cream cheese frosting...AMAZING
  • Another delicious option: peanut butter frosting
  • That's what I was thinking! But do you think jt would be too sugary? My brothers birthday is next week and I want to make this
  • How about salted peanut butter? The chunky kind of course.
  • Chunky peanut butter as frosting? You're the devil.
  • I often shy away from sugary things. I'm the guy who will sometimes eat cake, but will always leave the frosting. But peanut butter cut with cream cheese is an amazing frosting option. Definitely not too sweet.
  • I was talking about some kind of peanut butter buttercream, but I didn't even think of peanut butter cream cheese. That's a great idea!
  • ... why not cream cheese and peanut butter?
  • My wife actually made me a chocolate cake with cream cheese peanut butter frosting for my birthday last week. It was amazing.
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