Made nigiri for the boyfriend

I'm perhaps not a sushi cook, but many thanks! We reside in the bay area and discovered this fish that is legit in Berkeley (Tokyo Fish Market) that flies fish over from Japan. Loved this experience because I was given by it ...

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  • I'm not a sushi chef, but thanks! I live in the bay area and discovered this legit fish market in Berkeley (Tokyo Fish Market) that flies fish over from Japan. Loved this experience because it gave me the opportunity to practice 🙂
  • Tokyo Fish represent! I love that spot. I am closer to Yaoyasan in El Cerrito which has a more compact selection.
  • I want to check out Yaoyasan someday! Tokyo Fish Market is totally out of our way and I don't think we'll make the long drive again (...unless it's for a special occasion). Suruki Supermarket is next on my list since it's closer and the Yelp pictures make it look like they have a decent fish selection :3
  • wow! do you think the prices are appropriate? i can't imagine eight hour flights for delivering fish could be cheap
  • i think the prices were def reasonable! in addition to the nigiri, I made two chirashi bowls with the leftover fish (probably 2 slices of each type for each bowl). fish cost (sry i didnt log the weight): uni (at least 8 pieces)- 10 bluefin - 13 salmon - 5 otoro (the most expensive per lb) - 13 hamachi - 6
  • Looking at those cuts, no, OP is not a chief, a fairly talented amateur, but not a chief.
  • *chef
  • Cuts don't look good enough to be made by a chef, dem amateur just practicing.
  • this is my dream plate. he's a lucky man.
  • He is a lucky man.
  • Man I wish I lived somewhere with fresh fish : You and your man are lucky!
  • This looks great! That looks like some really fresh uni.
  • Watch this video and it will improve your nigiri so much The goal is the wrap the rice ball with the fish starting from the top and down the side using your right thumb and index finger as your left hand in u shape squeeze in the sides. As you do that use your left thumb to push in the rice that gets squeezed out. if you understand it, making nigiri becomes so much easier. edit. ooops forgot to link the video
  • Did you mean to include a link to said video?
  • haha totally spaced. fixed it.
  • Is it possible for him to appreciate this enough?
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