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Milk Cubes get great in White Russians and Root Beer. I'm all about coffee ice for my iced coffee. I do not want three cubes that are big of milk melting into my coffee. You're ...

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  • Milk Cubes go great in White Russians and Root Beer.
  • I'm all about coffee ice cubes for my iced coffee. I don't want three big cubes worth of milk melting into my coffee.
  • You're a genius and I'm so stupid for never thinking to do that on my own. /r/lifeprotips
  • More like /r/foodhacks rather than /r/LifeProTips
  • I do this at work and its amazing!
  • Baileys ice cubes in coffee. SO good.
  • Can't drink all day if you don't drink in the morning!
  • I have tried freezing coffee for iced coffee - it stratifies in the tray and stains the plastic. I hope milk would fare better!
  • Weird - I have not had this problem. You using plastic ice cube trays and freezing the coffee from room temp?
  • ::shifty eyes:: I may have poured it in a little hot..... I also didn't use them fast enough, I think they'd evaporated a bit by the time I got around to them.
  • Ah yeah that might do it. I usually just do an overnight freeze for ice cube tray things (beef/chicken/lamb/vegetable stock, coffee, fresh-squeezed citrus juice and cocktail mixers, leftover smoothies, yogurt, egg whites, waffle/pancake/brownie batters) then put them in a ziptop freezer bag in the morning. YMMV, but I tend to have better luck with silicone ice cube trays for dairy-based or sugary things that tend to stick more to plastic. I love ice cube tray applications that aren't frozen water. My favorite is stock - if you're making a pan sauce and want to cool/thicken it quickly, just take it off the heat and add a couple cubes of frozen beef stock. It's flavorful and makes a lighter sauce than those that are thickened by melting chilled butter in them. Also, great for time-dependent things - for my go-to pork ribs recipe, I braise the ribs in the oven for a few hours, then take them out and rest them for 15-20 minutes, and then finish them on the grill with a BBQ sauce made from the braising liquid/drippings. The BBQ sauce always took way longer than 20 minutes to cool and thicken (so the ribs ended up hitting the grill cold), but now I can do it pretty quickly with frozen stock cubes.
  • I am actually planning on making a brown-butter-sage sauce to freeze tonight (our CSA share suprised us with sage!). I am hoping it will work out but the only silicone trays we have are shaped like guitars or Han Solo.
  • Oreo is really on top of its social media game.
  • Seriously. They game social networking, especially reddit, and knowingly acknowledge it. Not that it's terrible or anything. At least they do a good job with it.
  • I could not get over the ad they did during the Superbowl. Oreo has some of the most impressive marketing I've ever seen.
  • Which one?
  • This, from their twitter.
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