Perfect Pancakes [768x1024]

Cakes produced in a pan. One might call it... a cake that is pan-shaped? well heres the thing, all cakes are baked in a pan, but a pancake is cooked by the pan that is frying. those pan-cakes look baked in my experience, ...

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  • Cakes made in a pan. One might call it... a pan-shaped cake?
  • well heres the thing, all cakes are baked in a pan, but a pancake is cooked by the frying pan. those pan-cakes look baked to me, have none of the characteristic off color hot spots you would see from a skillet.
  • These were made in a rice cooker
  • Note: Fancy pancake mixes may not work so well in the rice cooker. I tried to make apple streussal pancakes from a box kit, and they were mushy in the middle. But plain pancakes come out AMAZING.
  • This is going to change my life. Thank you!
  • Wow, I haven't seen anything from Happyslip in forever!
  • Probably. If I was cooking it, the top would probably be burnt, so I doubt it was cooked in a frying pan or skillet for the whole time it was cooking. Maybe in the skillet until the outside is solid, then baked in the oven?
  • it would dry out and crack, you would also still have the characteristic discoloration from hot spots in the skillet. I'm gonna say it was cooked the entire time in the oven, only flipped when it was put on the plate. If you look at the edge, the bottom part is pure white, meaning that it never made contact with the pan during cooking and with the even coloring, I can say that this is not a pancake, just savory cake.
  • But based on the perfect round shape, can we say for sure it was cooked in a skillet or frying pan while it was baking?
  • when something is cooked in a frying pan, its implied that the heat is applied directly to the pan, when something is baked, youre not applying heat directly to the pan but heating up the atmosphere surrounding it. the pan is only there to make sure the goo doesnt spill and is otherwise mostly superfluous (I want to see a zero g cake now). while the pan in the oven might gather and conduct heat better than the air, its not enough to say that the cake is pan fried, otherwise any cake would be a pancake. so is a boston cream pie just a pancake dessert sandwich?
  • I don't know enough about Boston cream pies to answer that, but I can definitely say that zero-gravity baking needs to become a thing, if only for one video.
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