Pizza in Paradise

Is there a true point to the can of tomatoes? It should be pointed out that Chris Bianco, co-owner of the company, is a pizzaiolo that is legendary had to literally keep your kitchen because of flour ...

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  • Is there a point to the can of tomatoes?
  • It should be pointed out that Chris Bianco, co-owner of the company, is a legendary pizzaiolo who had to literally leave the kitchen because of flour lung. He was the first pizza maker to win a James Beard Award. Pizzaria Bianco is his restaurant in Phoenix and it's not unusual to wait upwards of 2 hours to get in. His new restaurant Tratto focuses mainly on pasta.
  • I don't think I've ever waited at Pizzeria Bianco for 2h. 1.5h at most on a busy Friday. You can walk straight in if you go on a Tuesday or hit the second restaurant on Camelback.
  • These tomatoes were recommended on a YouTube channel I watch on making pizzas. I contacted the tomato company asking if they were sold in Hawaii. The owner replied which I thought was cool. We are now Instagram buddies and he likes my pics. Their tomatoes are a "San Marzanos Style"grown in the USA and I think they are the better than the Italian tomatoes sold in the states. You know the Italians keep the good stuff for themselves and export leftovers.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Rob DiNapoli a couple times at my previous job and he was great and made himself very accessible. His IG account is fun to follow as he bounces around pizzerias all over the place. His products are also the best I've used. How much did that can cost you out on the islands btw?
  • I think around $4.
  • Which Brand is it I can't read the full label from the picture.
  • Bianco di Napoli
  • Thanks
  • In Honolulu? Where did you find them? I am also a local looking to start making pizzas
  • Whole Foods Kailua has them.
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