Popular Spice Blends Cheat Sheet (x-post /r/CookingForBeginners)

Interesting. I have never heard or seen sumac called for in anything before. In fact, the only use that is culinary've heard about for this is making an iced tisane, that is both astringent and refreshing. If you are ...

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  • Interesting. I've never seen or heard sumac called for in anything before. In fact, the only culinary use I've heard of for it is making an iced tisane, which is both astringent and refreshing. If you're going to try it, just buy cheesecloth. It stains things quite easily.
  • In Syria we use Sumac quite often [with Falafel for example]
  • Sumac is on almost everything in Turkish cooking as well.
  • herbs de provence has lavender typically, right?
  • Not typically, but somewhere along the line it was added to make it seem more "French" or exotic. IIRC, it was to increase popularity and sales in the USA.
  • That's what I thought, but I'm no expert.
  • Not in France but in the US yes.
  • Are there any specific ratios? Or would it just all be the same amount?
  • Honestly, I would have to say taste it as you go along and figure it out on your own. If there are any major questions, Google it if you want to know for sure. It's not exactly something that's set in stone, since different people prefer different amounts and ratios of the flavorings. The infographic is sort of part knowledge, part figure it out for yourself, you shouldn't be a slave to recipes. Recipes are great, especially for baking, which is pretty much chemistry and chemical reactions and when you look at other styles of cooking, it's one of the most complex and rigid. But figuring out flavorings for yourself is a great way to develop your instincts as a cook (or a great way to develop your Google skills).
  • TIL Chili powder is more than just chili powder.
  • For chili powder you're way better off just toasting and grinding up a variety of dried chili peppers. Don't mute the flavor of the chilies by mixing in all those other spices.
  • I'd say cumin and cilantro are an important part of Mexican spices. So if you aren't adding those ingredients separately, it makes sense to include them in the chili powder.
  • Where are the hacks? Yet another stolen infographic, not a hack.
  • It's a found infographic that I found helpful. I never said I made it, it's about sharing information and also, this subreddit doesn't get nearly enough posts, there should be more posts here considering how many subscribers there are. maybe not as many posts here happen because snobby, knit picky, intellectual superior types complain needlessly too much and scare a lot of the good posters away. If your types were so smart, find better stuff and post it, instead of just btiching and whining about it.
  • You can get nasty all day long and try to justify your actions but in the end, this isn't a hack and doesn't belong here. Stop trying to shill your subs and share hsit you didn't create on some made up justification that it belongs. Maybe not judging the folks you're trying to reach with your garbage is another good tip, but you don't seem like the classy type to care. Many subs don't get enough posts, but that doesn't mean some power-happy intellectually inferior mod type needs to invade and post needlessly too much and insult the good posters. If your types were so smart, you'd read what the sub is for, leave this one alone and go back to your shitty sub, instead of just btiching and whining about when people call you out on your shit, which seems to be often. Go away.
  • You are taking a subreddit way too seriously. This is about sharing and helping others. I think you're the power-happy/clearly power tripping one. There's so much else I could say, but I'm skipping that. And you're not calling me out on my shit, you're just complaining about something small and petty.
  • And you think you're helping people by sharing this crap here. No one asked for cooking help here or for you to help revive the sub. That's what the subs you mod are for. That's just one of many, many things about which you're disconnected from reality. Keep telling yourself whatever you need to stand yourself. I just wish I could be there when you realize how the world works and how different that is from the fantasy you think you live in. Thanks for the laugh about power. I'm not the mod of a bunch of trashy subs, nor do I have any desire to be. Again, go away.
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