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We add a Sriracha that is little and sauce to that particular too. Spicy Thai peanut sauce ramen. So great! For the ones that do not like the broth and just want to savor the noodles, i suggest draining ...

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  • I add a little Sriracha and soy sauce to that as well. Spicy Thai peanut sauce ramen. So good!
  • For those that don't like the broth and only want to enjoy the noodles, I recommend draining all of the water away and adding a pat of butter. Add seasoning. Delicious.
  • This is how I usually make it.
  • I never imagined the broth being good enough to eat anyway... I always drain that stuff away.
  • That's what is up. I didn't even know people made it any other way until I had already been eating it for 10 years.
  • Maruchan master race reporting in.
  • Indomie master race represent!
  • If I'm eating ramen, 9 times out of 10, I'm too broke to add anything to it. I'm not eating this hsit for the taste yo. Good tip nonetheless.
  • But that's what it is about. Green onions/spring onions are really cheap. And they will increase the flavour dramaticly. Even if you don't eat it for the flavour, you can always make it better.
  • I'm completly opposite. I eat it for taste, because i know half of it is just chemistry. Actually Vifon noodles from Poland, are FREAKING delicious. And i don't care if ramen doesn't really taste that way, it's just chinese soup with chicken or curry. I add eggs, and then I'm done.
  • 30+ Ramen Food Hacks
  • I've tried just straight up lettuce in my ramen with some soy sauce and it was phenomenal. I also like every once in a while to do egg / old bay ramen as well. Very delicious and easy.
  • There's something I do with my ramen that I don't see anyone else doing. I add in a slice of cheese (those Kraft single slice type) and let it dissolve. Sounds weird, but it makes the soup creamier and more savory than using milk. I often do this with Shin ramen, but it works well with many other types too.
  • Nah man, I do that every time. It's even on the menu in Korean Ramen joints, but since you mentioned Shin Ramen I'm sure you knew that. The Kimbap Chongguk ladies never let me order cheecheu mandu ramyeon. It was either cheecheu or mandu, but never both. So whenever I make it at home, I put BOTH in! Take that, ramen ajummas!!
  • Oh, I've never ordered ramen from korean restaurants. Don't see the point of wasting money on something I can make myself easily.
  • I'd usually get it when I was out on the town, or at like 4AM after noraebanging.
  • TIL korean karaoke = norebanging. What a bangin' name!
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