Skirt Steak and Egg Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

OP posted a recipe that is similar few weeks hence (that certain was spam and egg) and supplied this link . We'd guess this time around the fillings were steak, fried egg, green onion, tomato and sushi rice. Yes, ...

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  • OP posted a similar recipe a few weeks ago (that one was spam and egg) and provided this link . I'd guess this time the fillings were steak, fried egg, green onion, tomato and sushi rice.
  • Yes, that was me! And here's how I made it with step-by-step photos.
  • I made the spam and egg ones after you posted. Mine weren't as neat as yours but they tasted great! I'll have to try these, too. (Also, please cross post to /r/eatwraps )
  • The egg on sandwich thing must be enjoying a Renaissance. I remember the old chefs talking about the "Tall Norwegian" sandwiches of their youth consisting of roast beef and fried egg.
  • I had a roast beef and fried egg sandwich last week, highly recommended.
  • Jesus grant me the power to find one of these delicious bastards on my plate
  • Really nice combination. Love the MR steak here. Would like to see this done with Kenji's egg .
  • I had to do a little Googling after reading the other comments. The "traditional" dish is called onigiri or omusubi, and was a ball or cylinder of rice with toppings, often wrapped in seaweed (though the Wikipedia article pictures make it look more like a taco - the fillings loosely inside a sheet of seaweed). Musubi (most often associated with Spam) was the post-WWII Hawaiian take on the food; it looks like they simply dropped the "o" from the Japanese word. Onigirazu was popularized in the 1980s by a manga named "Cooking Papa". Musubi I've had is more rectangular/block-like, with a thin strip of seaweed around the pressed rice and filling. Onigirazu is flatter, more sandwich like, and isn't really pressed.
  • So it's sort of like a sushi sandwich? I want to make one now.
  • Basically a spam musubi but sub steak for the spam
  • I want this in my mouth
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