Sushi Art by chefs at Morimoto Waikiki

that is very good. Personal preference that is aesthetic i might have used less cucumber at the edges and had more rice i had a fairly big cucumber at the time, therefore there was actually no option in the event that you ...

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  • that's pretty good. personal aesthetic preference, i would have used less cucumber at the edges and had more rice
  • i had a pretty big cucumber at the time, so there was really no choice if you mean to compare my version with the picture posted lol
  • wow, thats pretty awesome I wonder if thats pineapple or raddish with the tuna.
  • it looks too glossy to be egg, I work with egg sushi everyday.
  • Not a single downvote. Fellow sushi lovers. Behold! The perfect post.
  • Checkmate atheists! Amirite guyyiissszzz?
  • Sushi mosaic! Nice.
  • I've been to the one in Philly. Now I have to go back and order some of this.
  • how is it? i mean the restaurant overall? i might get a chance to go next month and this place is definitely on my to-do list. mind giving a mini review? like price, quality, service, menu, value, ambiance, etc? thanks.
  • I've been to the one in Philly a couple times. There's always omakase on the menu at a couple different price levels, which includes sushi and non-sushi dishes. I believe the price points were $80, $120 and up. Personally, I think the sushi is the star there, but there were a few other stand out things I've had there. Notably a scallop ceviche and a tuna tartare. I will say that the first time I was there, was about a year after opening, and I feel it's slipped just a little bit in this last time we went. I didn't know it at the time, but he'd just opened the Hawaii and California locations, so it's possible things were getting stretched thin. I don't want to be too harsh though, it's great stuff. Philly Menu
  • Nice! Used to eat there now-and-again when I lived in Hawaii. Loved the freshness of the fish (sushi) and the foie gras chawan mushi.
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