Sushi Tanker

We may be wrong, but it looks more like a sashimi tanker? indeed, not ideal that is really zen/minimalist'd guess it is because it's not hard to overdo it with regards to sushi. It's one thing ...

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  • I might be wrong, but it looks more like a sashimi tanker?
  • indeed, not really zen/minimalist ideal
  • I'd guess it's because it's easy to overdo it when it comes to sushi. It's something to savor, not to gorge on... however much we may want to.
  • No sneeze guard and exposed for how long before finished? fackkk that.
  • It's clearly for one person's immediate consumption.
  • that's my dream
  • Finally! Someone has taken "We're gonna need a bigger boat" to heart. Please pilot that thing my-mouthward.
  • Whoa! Any details on what's all here?
  • Looks like they over did it on the Tanker
  • I... hate my life.
  • sobs Its so beautiful. reads article BUT BAAAW, DAT RESTAURANT IS GOING AWAAAAY
  • I would take as much salmon and yellowtail I can possibly get my hands on.
  • It's so beautiful ;w; I shed a single tear
  • If I saw that in person I would cry with joy.
  • did anyone die?
  • This actually made my heart race... Beautiful
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