Tacos de bistec, Mexico City. [960 x 717]

Lime in hair compared to hairspray. Ah, nostaligia. Be nevertheless, my heart. wat It is a stereotype. Like black people and chicken that is watermelons/fried. Mexicans put lime in everything. ...

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  • Lime in hair as opposed to hairspray. Ah, nostaligia. Be still, my heart.
  • wat
  • It's a stereotype. Like black people and watermelons/fried chicken. Mexicans put lime in everything. At least that's what I've been told.
  • Aint nothin wrong with it though.
  • It's totally normal to get half a lime when ordering a single taco at most of the taquerias I frequent in Texas. A couple years ago there was a bad crop or something happened that caused the price of limes to spike. People were legitimately worried. Lime prices and their affect on local businesses made it on the news a few times.
  • limes are actually one of the most volitile produce commodities. Most of the year you can get a case (about 200 limes) for 17-18 bucks. Little over a year or so ago limes went to 130 a case. We actually just came out of another recent bad lime market but it wasn't as severe.
  • I need more lime market news in my life.
  • The intricacies of the lime market is truly a whole world I had never even thought of before. Truly a mind-bottler.
  • Salt and lime at times.
  • nothing wrong with watermelon either.
  • Yes it is. My parents were born in Mexico City. I was born in LA County. They like to joke between themselves that I "hate" lime because I refuse to put it on virtually everything. They always say I'm exaggerating. One time when we were visiting the capital and we were in a large supermarket I asked them to find me a jar of Mayonnaise without lime. They couldn't. I shut them up. __^
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