Tofu & chickpea curry: how I fix bad days

Once I get right back from class & the gymnasium I'll post it! We'll respond to this therefore a notification is got by you reply Sorry for the wait! This recipe was used by me, but i did not have apricots therefore I ...

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  • When I get back from class & the gym I'll post it! I'll reply to this so you get a notification
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  • Sorry for the wait! I used this recipe, but I didn't have any apricots so I went without and it was still so good. I just added a little less salt since I had less sweet ingredients to counter.
  • How do you cook your tofu? Maybe this is a stupid question, but I tend to get lazy and not use it if it means I need to use a skillet or an oven. Most lazy-day meals I don't use those. I'll be using a rice cooker and/or a microwave. Any ideas, or is that asking too much for good and laziness?
  • So i don't know any ways to cook tofu in a microwave, but this curry is so easy to make if you just pull out the skillet. For the tofu I just press extra firm tofu for 20ish minutes, then dump it into the curry when I add the coconut milk. Sorry this isn't much help- but trust me this curry is worth it! I'll post the recipe from Pinterest when I get on my computer tomorrow.
  • Thanks, and I kinda figured that would be the answer :-p (the no magic shortcut bit) Have you tried freezing the tofu? When I have the time and appliances I've found great results with the tofu texture by freezing it, defrosting it, cutting it into whatever sizes, boiling it, and then using it as I would normally use firm tofu. I've had omnivore friends who swear how terrible tofu is genuinely like it using that method.
  • I've heard about this method but I've always been too lazy to go through with it- I'll have to try though! Next time.
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