What $11 gets you at Buford Hwy Farmer's Market in Atlanta, GA

Additionally place that is good get sushi grade seafood I nevertheless have actually yet to go here. I have gone to Dekalb Farmer's marketplace, but I heard Buford has far better costs on meat. Is this true? Yeah good ...

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  • Also good place to get sushi grade fish
  • I still have yet to go there. I've been to Dekalb Farmer's Market, but I heard Buford has much better prices on meat. Is this true?
  • Yeah good pricing for the whole store, plus stuff I can't find at other Asian/European Markets.
  • Guess I need to head in there!
  • You definitely should go with someone else though. Because reasons. It's the law.
  • Well, if it's a law, I guess I don't want to be a criminal! Now, if I only knew someone in the area....
  • shifty eyes intensify
  • Get a room, you two
  • Holy shit. I work right next to there. I know where I'm going Monday.
  • That's actually damn good for $11, here in toronto we barely get half of that for the same price
  • I was going to disagree... but I find most places in Toronto lack meals that include maki and nigiri. I know a couple decent sushi lunch specials in the city, but they include 12-18 pieces + soup/salad for $7-9 (pre-tax). I would definitely pay $11 for 24 pieces...
  • Almost bought this the other day when I was there. For $8 I think you get everything below that top row. Love that place.
  • I want to point out that I don't know why the guy added the extra spicy tuna roll, but he did. Normally it's just the nigri and California, but they didn't have this tray out, so I asked nicely if he could make it, and it came with the spicy tuna roll too.
  • I was there Wednesday and they had a tray with the 2x spicy tuna rolls as well. I spent like 5 minutes trying to decide to take it home lol. Looks pretty similar to the one you got, no california rolls.
  • That's a really good value. BRB, moving to Atlanta.
  • That looks amazing and I love Buford Farmers Market! I kind of wish I could live there.
  • Wow, I've even been inside but have never seen that. I'll definitely check it out again soon
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