You guys... Bacon Fries [612x612]

Not far enough We can go bigger! and bacon-ier! The technology is had by us! Don't the Baconology is meant by you. Potato farmers hate him! INCREASE ...

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  • Not far enough
  • We can go bigger!
  • and bacon-ier!
  • We have the technology!
  • Don't you mean the Baconology.
  • Potato farmers hate him!
  • This bacon is taking up bacon space!
  • Bah, science has passed this a long time ago. We've had fried icecream, fried coke, and fried oreos for decades now. If anything... bacon is behind the times!
  • How was this done? Every time I've ever seen bacon deep fried it's curled all to hell. Or is this maybe back bacon? Also, what is the 'breading'? I'm really confused by this, and I want to eat it.
  • Put them in deep fryer basket, put another basket in the basket with the bacon. THat should keep it from curling I would think.
  • Yeah, that combined with a nice thick cut might do it.
  • Mmmm creme fraiche Edit: whoever gave me gold... dude, set your bar a little higher.
  • mm southpark
  • thatsthejoke.jpg
  • noshit.gif
  • CanIJoinToo.gif
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