You know that grilled cheese food hack....

I've never had access to a bread toaster. Have actually always had a toaster range, best appliance that is small. I'm pretty certain my gf has a toaster oven which includesn't been utilized in 2 years. its likely to ...

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  • I've never had access to a bread toaster. Have always had a toaster oven, best small appliance ever.
  • I'm pretty sure my gf has a toaster oven that hasn't been used in 2 years. its going to get plenty of use now.
  • My toaster oven is my favorite kitchen item. If you're willing to wait an extra 5 minutes, anything you can put into a microwave (except soup or other liquidy things) can be made so much better in a toaster oven.
  • Get a ceramic soup bowl. Only way to make good French onion soup.
  • I'm sure it works, but I can't see how it would be worth the extra time. I know nothing about good French onion soup.
  • You have a piece of toasted bread and cheese placed on top, then it's baked. I don't eat it often, but the ability to buy a dollar can of soup and using hsit I already have versus paying 5 bucks at a restaurant is pretty nice. Plus, the bowl itself only cost like three bucks anyway.
  • Sounds incredible!
  • It is! I can't remember the exact cheese it's supposed to use, but as long as it isn't too sharp it all tastes great.
  • it's true. I haven't had a microwave or normal bread toaster for the last three years, just my $20 toaster oven. it works for everything... it just takes a bit longer.
  • This is not applicable to frozen items either. But, damn you to Detroit if you think I'm going to eat a microwaved chicken pot pie!
  • I put frozen burritos into mine all the time. Works perfectly.
  • What toaster oven do you own that can cook a frozen burrito with just 5 minutes extra than a microwave could? Seriously, if you have one that can do that I want to buy one. Also, what size burrito are we talking?
  • I didn't say everything took just 5 minutes more... frozen burritos take 15 minutes more.
  • Okay. I guess I just took you saying "anything" to heart and was excited about super efficient toaster ovens.
  • Yeah ok mister rich guy.
  • You caught me. I splurged and spent 25 so it would have the light inside.
  • But having the light inside will generate extra heat which may negatively affect the end result of whatever you're cooking. Damn it man, I know you're better than this.
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